Monday, January 5, 2015

It's time to Party with Threads!! =D

Hello...fellow Threads R Us friends! 

This is a post to let you all know that we have a gathering (of wonderful ladies!!) this week!

Where:  Thimbles and Threads Quilt Shop in Draper
When:  10:30 to 2 pm (or maybe
Why:    Because we love to share our projects in progress, finished projects and life's stories

Please, bring
---your sack lunch and a covered drink
---projects to work and ones to share

Show and Tell!! - will be around 12:30.  For every project you bring to share...
 (finished or unfinished), you will get a raffle ticket.  We'll draw tickets and winners
(yep there will be several, not just one!) can pick their gift from the gift table.  =D

We hope you will join us for a fun day with good friends


"Threads make the world go 'round" =)